Monday, October 10, 2011

FS 4, 5 and 6 reflections

FS 4 reflection
In this chapter of field study 4, the episodes were all about the curriculum design, the curriculum model, the principles of curriculum design, its processes and its linkages. To produce a quality learners, curriculum must be at its best in order to make quality education and to produce productive and efficient citizens. Its vital parts should be addressed with utmost wit to enhance learning and strategies. Like for example in the process of designing a curriculum. It should be addressed to the needs of the students. There should also be congruency in the objectives of the lesson, the strategies to be employed and up to the assessment to be administered.

FS 5 reflection
The field study 3 talks about the  process oriented assessment in which students are get to be oriented to what are they going to tackle in the said curriculum. I believed that if a student is knowledgeable to what is ahead, he tends to have a conditioned mindset, so that if that topic will get to be in the way or hand in hand he will not get shocked. This episode also includes  product oriented assessment, in which students will be assessed according to what they have learned all through out. Students must be assessed in order for the teacher to know if she/ he has meet the requirements and if he meets the objectives, the strategies and evaluations. And in order for this to happen, there should be congruency of the three, objectives, strategies and assessments.

FS 6 reflection
                In this field study episodes, I have realized that classroom management is indeed vital to the teaching-learning process. In order to have a peaceful and organized manner of presenting the daily lesson plans and as well as using strategies and most importantly, there would be an organized daily routines. Which make every teachers life in the classroom with variety of learners to be easy to handle.  For a teacher,  to be globally competitive, she should be competent in her area of concentration and might as well be open to other areas as well to broaden her knowledge and skills. She shouldn’t allow anybody to interfere in the matters where she thinks she is right and she should know what she is doing, always go for gold and strive for the best, don’t let mediocrity rule over you. In this manner, a teacher can soar high in her dreams.

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